About us!

Everything you need to know about us before we get to know you!

Who are we?

Lauren Archibeque is the owner of The Growth Company. She has been on a journey of self-discovery and development for decades. She is a very accomplished and effective mind trainer working from Gilbert, Arizona. Her passion is helping people move forward. She utilizes not only her many coaching certifications, but also her highly tuned intuitive talents to move people forward exponentially.

What do we do?

NLP is one of the primary tools in her tool box. Neuro Linguistic Programming allows the conscious mind and the subconscious mind to get into agreement. It’s when those pieces are out of alignment that you fail to achieve what you know belongs to you – whether it’s an income level that will allow you the freedom to travel and contribute to others – or it may be getting to a level 10 relationship with your family and creating the kind of life you have always imagined – or maybe it’s finally getting your body into shape and enjoying the energy and confidence you deserve to enjoy.